Insta360 One X Review For Video Making

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I have been using the Insta360 One X for over 150 days now. I have optimised my workflow to make the highest quality videos possible with the One X. So what does it actually take to make these kind of videos? Let me break it down for you.

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Before you even consider the One X, you need to check you have a compatible phone. The official documentation from Insta360 currently says, the ONE X is compatible with iOS 10.0 or above, iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone8/8 plus, iPhone 7/7 plus, iPhone 6s/6s plus, iPhone SE,iPad Pro, and iPad (2018).

ONE X Android compatible devices are HUAWEI P20 Pro/P10/P9/Mate 9/Mate 10/Honor 9. Samsung: S9/Note 8/S8/S7/S7 Edge. XIAOMI: Mix/Mix2/Note3/6/8. OnePlus: 5t. Google: Pixel/Pixel 2, Vivo: X9Plus L, and OPPO: R11.

I suspect that Insta360 tests the Android app on these devices. So just to be safe, make sure you are using one of these phones or a later model. If you do not have a phone on this list, you are taking a gamble at your own risk. So now that you know you have a compatible phone, you can now consider buying the One X.

Out of the box I got the Insta360 One X with a FREE Invisible Selfie Stick. It’s invisible because you cannot see the stick in shot when you hold it. It looks like a floating camera.

insta360 one x invisible selfie stick insta360 one x review for video making


Now before you can go off to film you need 2 more things. The first thing you need is a Micro SD card. Insta360 recommends using the 64GB Sandisk V30 Micro SD Card or the 128GB Sandisk V30 Micro SD Card. If you try and go for another card, then the One X might not work as intended. When you record in 5.7K 30fps, the highest video resolution on the One X, it will record roughly 800MB per minute. So use that as a guideline to whether you need a 64GB or 128GB card.


The second thing you must have when you buy the One X is more battery power. I like to have a battery solution where I can at least have battery power for a day of filming. Insta360 says the battery will last 60 minutes… I ran a test where I fully charged the One X. Set it to 5.7K 30fps mode. Set it on a tripod. Let it record until the battery dies. And the One X recorded for 40 minutes.

You can either buy the Insta360 Battery Kit or you can buy an external power bank and charge the One X in between your shots. I personally prefer the power bank option because taking the battery out the One X isn’t exactly easily.


Ok so now you have your Insta360 One X, Invisible Selfie Stick, Micro SD Card, and batteries. You can now go out and film! You can film soo many types of videos with the One X. At the beginning of this video you saw a hyperlapse, timeshift, little planet, bullet time, hdr, and reframed 360 video. You can also add stats to your video now. But you need to leave your phone unlocked so it can record the stats whilst you are doing action sports… If you lock your phone it will stop recording.

Cycling In The Park Insta360 One X Timeshift

I went for a quick ride in the park to test out an example of Stats / GPS overlay with the Insta360 One X! I was also testing out how stable my bicycle rig was. How do you think it performed? 😃🚲

Posted by How To Make A Video on Thursday, February 21, 2019

And lastly, you can also make immersive 360 degree videos for VR glasses like Google cardboard, Oculus Go, Hive etc. Here is a HDR video tour I filmed with the Insta360 One X in Valencia.


The One X video quality is the best in its class… If you want to see more examples then check out my Instagram @ShanilKawol for all my One X videos.

But you will only achieve the best video quality if you know how to expose a scene using manual mode, and edit the video clip with the correct workflow. There is a lot of frustration on social media about people not being able to achieve the quality they see advertised by Insta360.

You can do it. There is just no proper guide telling you how. If you know it, you know it. If you don’t, you will struggle… Especially if you are new to 360 video, or video in general. And this is the reason I started How To Make A Video, because I think anyone can make a video. Including YOU! Subscribe to How To Make A Video On Youtube to get the most out of your One X!


The best thing about the One X is the 6 axis stabilisation. The footage is incredibly stable. This is just the One X on top of the Invisible Selfie Stick, that’s it! There is not much shake. This is truly one of the best innovations in action cameras! You no longer need to buy a gimbal. And this makes it perfect for action.

Running With The Insta360 One X

I'm running 🏃‍♂️. The Insta360 One X is on the Invisble Selfie Stick. That's it! No post stabilisation. Just gimbal-like 6 axis magic. To keep the camera stable when running, keep your arms close to your side, and bend your knees.

And no, I did not steal something and run away 😂

#Insta360 #Insta360OneX

Posted by How To Make A Video on Thursday, November 29, 2018


The One X has a ¼” screw thread on the bottom which means you can rig it on absolutely anything.

insta360 one x screw thread insta360 one x review for video making

There are plenty of accessories you can buy from the Insta360 Store for all sorts of sports.

insta360 one x accessories insta360 one x review for video making

Let’s take the wrist mount for example. The mount itself is actually ok. It has a GoPro style mount so it comes with a plastic ¼” to GoPro conversion adapter so you can attach the One X on top of it.

insta360 one x wrist mount insta360 one x review for video making

Unfortunately this piece of flimsy plastic holding your £400 camera to the mount isn’t exactly great… So you will need to chuck these away and replace them with an aluminium 1/4″ screw to GoPro conversion adapter.

insta360 one x gopro conversion adapter insta360 one x review for video making


If you like to do water sports then you will need a case. The One X is not waterproof. There are 2 official cases available, the Venture case and the Dive case.

dive and venture case insta360 one x review for video making

If you are mostly going to be above the water, no more than 5 meters deep, then get the Venture Case. The big benefit of the Venture case is that it is completely Invisible after stitching. They should of named it the Invisible Venture Case! You will not see the case in your footage when you look around your 360 video. I recommend the Venture case for those who are going skiing, surfing, kayaking, anything above the water.


The dive case is specifically built for deep dives underwater. It can apparently reach up to 30 meters deep.

But, the biggest drawback of this case is that it has a really awful nadir. You can see the bottom of this case in your footage. And there is no other alternative.

insta360 one x dive case nadir insta360 one x review for video making


If you want to vlog with the Insta360 One X. Bad news. The audio sucks. I scrap it in all of my videos. To get around this problem I overlay music and sound effects. If you really badly need sound then you must use an external audio recorder such as the Zoom H2N.


There are 2 ways to record video on the One X. The first way is without using your phone. There is a LED screen on the front of the One X where you can switch to video mode, and press the big shutter button to start recording. But it will only film using Auto exposure mode.

recording on insta360 one x review for video making

If you want the best video quality then you need to film with manual settings. You must record video using the second way, which is using the One X app on your phone. To do this you need to connect the One X to your phone using WiFi. Press the big yellow button at the bottom, and then you can see a live preview, set your manual settings, and press record.

record manual settings insta360 one x review for video making


I know you want to be as light and portable as possible. So you will want to edit these videos on your phone instead of your laptop. But phones have very limited processing power so the One X app can only output a medium quality video. The max resolution you can output on the app is 4K.

If you want the absolute best video quality, then you will need a semi high end laptop to use Studio For One X, and Premiere Pro.. The minimum spec I would recommend is an Intel i7 processor, 16GB RAM, and a dedicated NVIDIA graphics card.

Studio For One X is a Desktop software where you can stitch 360 videos or reframed 360 videos.

studio for one x insta360 one x review for video making

But it is NOT a video editor. You can only edit a single video clip at a time. You cannot edit multiple video clips together to make a movie. You will need a video editor like Premiere Pro to cut various shots together.

premiere pro editing insta360 one x review for video making

I have experimented with a lot of video editors and although the cost is high, the easiest workflow to make videos for social media is using Premiere Pro. Especially because you can use the GoPro VR Reframe plugin to make really fine adjustments to your video. For low cost alternatives, if you are on a Mac, then you can consider Final Cut Pro. And if you are on a PC, then you can consider Cyberlink PowerDirector. I have a tutorial on how to edit 360 video with CyberLink Power Director 17 Ultra.


Just to give you an idea, the typical workflow for me is to film in 5.7K 30 fps video. I use the One X app to dial in manual settings and record a video. I upload the footage to my PC. I stitch the 360 video in Studio For One X. I then import the footage into Premiere Pro. I colour grade the footage, add music and sound effects, change the aspect ratio to 4 by 5 for Instagram, and then I finally export my video to upload on Facebook and Instagram. This workflow will give you the best video quality.


There is an Insta360 plugin (Install Studio For One X to install plugin) which allows you to directly import the raw INSV video files from the One X into Premiere Pro so you can start editing right away, skipping the stitching process until you export the video. You can use this method for to get high quality video too. It just depends on your personal preference and whether your computer can handle it.

insta360 one x premiere pro plugin insta360 one x review for video making


There are some difference between Studio For One X (the desktop software), and the One X mobile app. As of March 2019, you can make a hyperlapse, timeshift, stats, hdr, bullet time, third person video clips on the One X app, but the highest export resolution is 4K.

insta360 one x mobile app insta360 one x review for video making

You can export at the full 5.7K resolution on Studio For One X, but you cannot make a timeshift, hyperlapse or video showing stats… There is no feature to change video speed or add gps information on this software yet. These two pieces of software are just not in sync with each other yet. But on the Desktop app you can reframe your 360 video much more easily.

studio for one x 360 reframe insta360 one x review for video making




Video Resolution 5760 x 2880 (5.7K video), 30fps.
5760 x 2880 (5.7K HDR video), 25fps.
3840 x 1920 (4K video), 50fps.
3840 x 1920 (4K video), 30fps.
3008 x 1504 (3K video), 100fps.
Bitrate 100 mbps.
ISO 100 – 3200.
Shutter Speed 55 – 1/8000.
Microphone Stereo.
Photo Resolution 18MP (6080 x 3040), JPEG or DNG RAW.
Battery Life 60 mins.
Stabilisation Gimbal-like 6 axis.
Mount 1/4″ screw.
Storage Micro SD up to 128GB.
SanDisk Extreme PRO 64GB V30 Micro SD.
SanDisk Extreme PRO 128GB V30 Micro SD.
Waterproof No.
Weight 115g.
Dimensions 115 x 48 x 28mm.
Editing Software Insta360 One X Android App.
Insta360 One X iOS App.
Insta360 Studio For One X (Windows And Mac).
Insta360 Studio (Windows And Mac).
Official Accessories Invisible Selfie Stick. Extended Edition Selfie Stick. Battery Kit. Venture Case. Dive Case. Drifter. Bullet Time Handle. GPS Smart Remote. Bundles for Bike, Mavic Pro, Football, Surf, Snow, Skate, White Water, Sky, Bungie, Run, Jet Ski, and Kiteboard. Tripod. Bluetooth Controller. Visit Insta360 Accessory Store.
Community Insta360 One Series Facebook Community.
Insta360 Youtube Channel.
Insta360 Instagram.
Insta360 Twitter.
Website Insta360 One X.
Exclusive Offer FREE Invisible Selfie Stick when you buy the Insta360 One X from the Insta360 Store.