How To Update Insta360 One X

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Keep your Insta360 One X up to date for the best new features and improvements. Updating your Insta360 One X to the latest firmware is really simple. Watch how to update the Insta360 One X the easiest way in under 40 seconds. Before proceeding with the steps below, make sure your phone and camera has at least 50% battery.

How to update Insta360 One X:

  1. Connect your phone cable to the camera.
  2. connect phone insta360 one x

  3. Turn on the camera.
  4. power on insta360 one x

  5. Go to Settings.
  6. tap settings insta360 one x

  7. Tap About Insta360.
  8. tap about insta360

  9. Tap Firmware Version.
  10. tap firmware version insta360 one x

  11. Tap Update Firmware.
  12. tap update firmware insta360 one x

  13. Tap Downloaded.
  14. tap downloaded insta360 one x

  15. Tap Upgrade.
  16. tap upgrade insta360 one x

  17. The blue light and the screen off means the camera is updating…Wait for the camera to restart.
  18. wait for insta360 one x restart

  19. If the blue light goes off and the camera does not restart… Turn on the camera yourself.
  20. restart insta360 one x

  21. Your camera has successfully updated!
  22. successfully updated insta360 one x


If the above method does not work because the camera freezes at a certain percentage, then please try this alternative method:

  1. Download Insta360 One X latest firmware.
  2. Plug in the camera into the computer and turn the camera on.
  3. If your computer does not pick up the camera, go to Settings (cog wheel) on the camera, scroll down (with small button), and change the mode from Android to iOS (with big button). Wait for your computer to pick up the camera.
  4. Copy the firmware to the root of your camera’s SD card.
  5. Unplug the camera from the computer.
  6. Turn on the camera and it should begin updating.

That’s it! You now know how to update your Insta360 One X!