How To Timeshift With The Insta360 One X

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In this tutorial I am going to show you how to make a timeshift video with the Insta360 One X, and the One X app. I will also show you how to enhance your timeshift video in Premiere Pro to make it Facebook and Instagram ready in the 4 by 5 aspect ratio. But don’t worry because you can adapt the Premiere Pro workflow to other video editors too.

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If you want to follow along this tutorial then download the Insta360 One X timeshift sample footage. Copy this footage to your phone. And put it in the following folder in your internal storage “/Insta360OneX/galleryOriginal/video/” The footage should now appear in the Insta360 One X app. So let’s get started.

If you want to try Premiere Pro, then you can download the Premiere Pro CC 2019 30 day free trial.

How To Timeshift With The Insta360 One X:

I will show you how to make a timeshift video like this:

Placa Redona Valencia Timeshift Insta360 One X

Can you spot the narrowest building in Valencia? It's called Plaza Lope De Vega. It's next to the church in the timeshift 😊

Shot with the Insta360 One X on the Invisible Selfie Stick. Settings: 5.7K 30fps. Auto Exposure. White Balance Sunny. Log Mode OFF.

Posted by How To Make A Video on Thursday, January 24, 2019


This particular footage was shot on 5.7K 30fps video, in Auto mode. I would recommend using Manual mode if you know how to use it. This will help avoid the over exposure and changing exposure you will see throughout this video. But if you are just starting off, and want to make videos fast, then Auto mode will do just fine.


  1. Mount your Insta360 One X on the Invisible Selfie Stick. Extend the Selfie Stick so the One X is above your head.
  2. insta360-one-x-timeshift video best practice insta360 one x and invisible selfie stick

  3. Use lines on the floor to help you walk in a smooth line.
  4. insta360 one x timeshift video best practice use lines

  5. Pick a route with the least amount of people. Walking around people does not look good in a timeshift video.
  6. insta360-one-x-timeshift-video-best-practice walk in a straight line

  7. Turn corners in a circular motion oppose to a 90 degree sharp turn.
  8. insta360 one x timeshift video-best-practice turn corners smoothly

Editing a timeshift video on the One X app consists of 3 stages. Trimming the video. Adding Pivot Points. And finally adding Speed.


The first step is to trim the footage. Go to Edit, and tap Trim. Drag the footage right to trim the start of the video. Then tap the right marker to trim the footage from the end of the video. Drag the footage left to your desired end position. Tap the tick to confirm.

trim video how to timeshift with the insta360 one x


  1. To save your edit so far, just tap the back button.
  2. tap back save timeshift video how to timeshift with the insta360 one x

  3. Tap into the footage again to continue editing.
  4. open timeshift video how to timeshift with the insta360 one x

I recommend you save your work every 5 mins in case your phone crashes.


Pivot Points tell the software where to look in your video and at what time. Between the Pivot Points, the software will work out how to move from your previous Pivot Point to the next Pivot Point.

  1. To add a Pivot Point, hold your finger down on the screen where you want your viewers to look.
  2. add pivot point how to timeshift with the insta360 one x

  3. Select Pivot Point.
  4. select pivot point how to timeshift with the insta360 one x

  5. If you hold down on the wrong point, just tap the empty space to try again.
  6. deselect pivot point how to timeshift with the insta360 one x

There is a rule for adding Pivot Points on corners. Never add a Pivot Point during a corner. Always add Pivot Points before and after a corner. This is because the software will automatically figure out how to turn the corner smoothly using these points.

before during after corner how to timeshift with the insta360 one x

It’s important to just focus your video on a few things. Because when you speed up the video, people need time to understand what is going on, and what they should be looking at. So focusing on a few subjects like a fountain or path will help keep your timeshift video smooth and enjoyable for the viewer.


Once you have applied all your Pivot Points, the final step is to add Speed. Go to Edit and tap Speed. Position the yellow line where you want to add speed from. This footage is pretty short so I will use x8 speed. Drag the footage left until where you want to apply speed to. Tap the tick to confirm the speed edit. Don’t apply any speed effect to parts of the footage you want to slow down. Leave it as normal video.

add speed how to timeshift with the insta360 one x

If you want to delete a speed ramp, just tap the red speed bar. A trash can icon will appear on the speed ramp. Tap the trash can to delete the speed ramp. Do not use 1/4 or 1/2 speed because you will get artefacts in your timeshift video which does not look good.


You can export your timeshift video as a 1 by 1 for Facebook and Instagram. 16 by 9 for Youtube. Or 9 by 16 for Facebook and Instagram stories. I am going to choose 9 by 16 because I am going to resize this 9 by 16 video into a 4 by 5 aspect ratio for Facebook and Instagram in Premiere Pro.

change aspect ratio how to timeshift with the insta360 one x

Tap Export and select Local. Here you will see a preview of your video. However, it is not a real time preview since phones are not powerful enough to show you the timeshift effect before you export your video. Tap Export and wait for the video to render to see what it will actually look like. That’s it! You now know how to make a timeshift video with the Insta360 One X app!

export timeshift video how to timeshift with the insta360 one x


Enhance your timeshift video with tweaks, music, sound effects, and tailor your video for upload to Facebook and Instagram. Import the video you exported from the One X app into your video editor. Create a 864 (width) by 1080 (height) sequence and drag and drop your timeshift video into this sequence. To colour grade your video, apply the Insta360 One X LUT.

Sometimes the horizon will drift during your timeshift video. This will make your video look bent. Use rotation and scale to tweak the horizon of your video and make it straight. Download free music and sound effects and add it to your video to make it more engaging. Here is the complete timeline of the timeshift video I worked on including some tweaks, music and sound effects.



To export your timeshift video, go to File, Export, and click Media. Choose a folder to export to. Make sure the width is set to 864 and the height is set to 1080. Set Framerate to 25fps. Set Profile to Main and Level to 4.1.

premiere pro timeshift export settings 1 how to timeshift with the insta360 one x

ChangeBitrate encoding to VBR 2 Pass. And set the Target and Maximum bitrate to 16mbps. Click Export and wait for your video to render. You can now view your final timeshift video.

premiere pro timeshift export settings 2 how to timeshift with the insta360 one x


Upload the video to your phone using Google Drive or any other similar service. When you create a new post on Instagram, make sure to tap this button. This will make sure your video will upload in the 4 by 5 aspect ratio. You will see white bars appear on either side of the video after tapping this button. This is fine. Finish creating the rest of the post as normal.

instagram timeshift video how to timeshift with the insta360 one x

That’s it! You now know how to timeshift with the Insta360 One X. Don’t forget to share your timeshift creations on the How To Make A Video Facebook community. I am happy to help you and give you advice on your videos there. The only rule is that you can only post videos less than a minute! For One X video inspiration and settings I use, check out my Instagram @shanilkawol.