How To Reframe 360 Video Into A 2D Video

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One of the best things about 360 video is the ability to capture everything at once, and then point the video in post where you want it to look in a normal 2D video format. Download Insta360 Studio to follow this tutorial. Insta360 Studio will work with 360 videos from any camera. But the resolution of the 360 video must be equal to or smaller than 4096 x 2048 MP4 video.

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In this tutorial, the 360 video you will reframe is shot in London, outside the Tate Modern, looking over Millennium Bridge. Download the Tate Modern Sample Footage to follow along this tutorial. You will learn how to pan the virtual camera from left to right smoothly.

This is the result you will achieve by the end of this tutorial:

How To Reframe 360 Video

It's impossible to miss the action with a 360 degree camera. Shoot first, and make a 2D video later. Reframe your video in post with smooth camera pans using FREE to download software, Insta360 Studio.

Learn how to reframe 360 video here with downloadable 360 footage for you to get started right away!

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Posted by How To Make A Video on Monday, October 29, 2018


  1. Open Insta360 Studio and click the “+” button to import your 360 video.
  2. import footage reframe 360 video

  3. Click the “Free Capture” tab. This is where we can add keyframes to reframe our 360 video.
  4. click freecapture reframe 360 video

  5. If you’re making a video for Youtube, then set the resolution to 1920 x 1080. If you’re making a video for Facebook or Instagram, then select “Customise” and set the resolution to 1080 x 1080.
  6. choose resolution reframe 360 video

  7. Let’s add some keyframes so we can move our 360 video from left to right. To add a keyframe, click the yellow icon, and a bunch of options will appear on the bottom left hand side.
  8. add key frame reframe 360 video

  9. To change the keyframe to start at the beginning of the video, change Time to “0 seconds.”
  10. set time reframe 360 video

  11. To move the video around to the left, hold down the downward arrow on Pan Angle till you reach your desired starting point. Tilt Angle will make the camera look up or down. FOV and Distance similarly zoom the camera in and out. Feel free to experiment with these settings.
  12. set pan angle reframe 360 video

  13. Let’s add our second keyframe. Move the yellow marker towards the end of the video, and click the yellow icon to add another keyframe.
  14. add second keyframe reframe 360 video

  15. Set the Time to the 8th second or your own preference.
  16. set second keyframe time reframe 360 video

  17. To make our video pan towards the right side of the river, change the Pan Angle by holding down the upward arrow, this will pan the video the right.
  18. set second keyframe pan reframe 360 video

  19. To make a fluid transition between the two keyframes, click the line between the two keyframes. Set the transition effect to “Fade In Fade Out.” Now our video will begin to pan smoothly, and come to a smooth stop at the end.
  20. set transition effect reframe 360 video

  21. Since I was standing on the stitch line, there is some noticeable purple fringing on me. This is easy to fix. Just check the box “Remove Purple Fringe.” Now the purple fringe is gone!
  22. remove purple fringing reframe 360 video

  23. When you’re ready to export your video, select Export Bitrate, customise, and set it to 16mbps. (This is just a personal preference for high quality output)
  24. set export bitrate reframe 360 video

  25. Under Output directory, select a folder to export your video to.
  26. choose export folder reframe 360 video

  27. Under filename, choose a name for your video.
  28. choose filename reframe 360 video

  29. When you’re ready to export, click the big yellow button “Export To,” and wait for your video to finish exporting.
  30. click export reframe 360 video

  31. Go to the folder you exported to.
  32. go to export folder reframe 360 video

  33. Play the video, and that’s it! So now you know how to reframe 360 video into a 2D video format. Enjoy! Share your video on the How To Make A Video Facebook Group!
  34. result reframe 360 video