How To Mount The Insta360 One X Inside A Car

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Today I am going to share with you how to mount the Insta360 One X inside a car so you can make a video like this.

Beachy Head Car Drive Reframe Insta360 One X

I wanted to figure out how to do a top gear / car review style shot 🤔

Shot with the Insta360 One X on the Invisible Selfie Stick + Manfrotto Super Clamp + Manfrotto 037 Stud. Settings: 5.7K 30fps. Manual Exposure. ISO 100. Shutter Speed 1/500. White Balance Sunny. Log Mode OFF.

Posted by How To Make A Video on Saturday, April 6, 2019

For this rig I am going to use the Manfrotto Super Clamp. With this I don’t worry about my One X falling because it is the most robust clamp in the industry. To attach things to the clamp, you will need the Manfrotto 037 Stud. And I am going to attach the Invisible Selfie Stick to the stud. This is how you set it up.

How To Mount The Insta360 One X Inside A Car


Insert the gold stud into the clamp. To do this, push down the metal button on the side of the clamp and drop the gold stud into place. Then twist the screw to tighten it.

insert manfrotto 037 gold stud


Mount the clamp onto the stem of your head rest. Make sure the gold stud is facing the direction you want the One X to be in. And tighten it into place.

mount manfrotto super clamp onto head rest


Screw the Invisible Selfie Stick into the One X. Make sure the tip is screwed in securely.

screw invisible selfie stick insta360 one x


Mount the Invisible Selfie Stick onto the gold stud. Make sure it is secure. And that’s it!

screw invisible selfie stick into manfrotto 037 gold stud

If you need to make any adjustments then go into the back seat, loosen the clamp, point the selfie stick in the direction you would like, and tighten the clamp again. Connect the One X to your phone. Press record. And take it for a spin!