How To Bullet Time With No Strings Attached

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A string to make Bullet Time videos is included in the Insta360 One X box. But swinging your One X on a string is dangerous. And it is very difficult to master the technique. The camera can easily enter a spin which makes your video look terrible. In this tutorial I will show you how to Bullet Time using the Invisible Selfie Stick. The results are not perfect, but this is a much better alternative to the string. Let’s get started.

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Here is an example of the result you will achieve by the end of this tutorial:

Ruislip Lido Bullet Time Insta360 One X

Who here is brave enough to swing their brand new camera on the bullet time string? I use the Invisible Selfie Stick instead. It's not perfect, but at least I get a better result than the string.

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Posted by How To Make A Video on Tuesday, December 4, 2018


How To Bullet Time With No Strings Attached:

  1. Make sure the Insta360 One X is securely attached to the Invisible Selfie Stick. Turn the One X on and select Bullet Time mode. Set exposure to Auto mode. Set Shutter Speed to Fast.
  2. bullet time settings how to bullet time with no strings attached

  3. Choose a Manual White Balance that looks good for your scene. Leave Log mode OFF. All your camera settings are now complete. Press record.
  4. bullet time settings 2 how to bullet time with no strings attached

  5. Fully extend your Selfie Stick and carefully hold it out. Begin to make slow rotations around you. Go round at least 5 times.
  6. hold selfie stick out how to bullet time with no strings attached

  7. Once you finished going round. Bring your One X down and stop recording. Check the video in the app to see the results. You may not get a perfect circle the first time round. It took me a dozen goes before I got it right. You now know how to Bullet Time with no strings attached! Share your video on the How To Make A Video Facebook Group!
  8. bring selfie stick down how to bullet time with no strings attached