Compare Best 360 Cameras For Video

Which 360 camera should you buy?

Ask yourself Why do you want a 360 camera?

Travel vlogging

When you travel, you want to keep light and portable. You want to upload snippets of your journey to social media. And you need the battery life to last at least a day so you capture every moment. Choose a 360 camera which has an excellent smartphone workflow to film, edit and publish videos to social media. You need the ability to swap out flat batteries with spares to keep you going all day.

360 video tours

When you go on a tour, you want to be immersed in the history and culture of the place. Choose a 360 camera which records high resolution and detail. You need to record high quality sound so your audience can feel like they are there. You need seamless stitching so it does not break the user experience for your audience.


When you report a breaking news story, you need to broadcast it as fast as you can. Choose a 360 camera with robust live streaming capability to broadcast in seconds.

Youtube videos

When you make Youtube videos, you want a minimum output of 1080p video. You want good enough sound quality so your audience can hear you. Choose a 360 camera which has at least 5.7K video resolution. This will give you a FreeCapture 16:9 video of at least 1080p.

Extreme action sports

When you do Extreme action sports, you need a robust mounting point at the bottom of the 360 camera which will not break under force or vibrations. You need excellent stabilisation to iron out the bumpy ride. You may need to record GPS overlay data to visually show how fast, how high, or where you are going. Choose a 360 camera which has plenty of accessories to mount the camera on various vehicles and different parts of your body. You need 6 axis stabilisation / electronic stabilisation to keep  your footage smooth. And some 360 cameras record GPS data which you can overlay on the video.

Water sports

When you do water sports above water or underwater diving, you need a waterproof camera or waterproof case for the camera. Choose a 360 camera which is either waterproof without a casing, or waterproof within a case, and the case is invisible post stitching. Check the recommended depth the 360 camera or waterproof casing can go up to. Check the stitch line is seamless even when the 360 camera or waterproof case in underwater.

How to compare 360 cameras

Use the 360 camera comparison table below to compare and contrast the best 360 cameras on the market for video. You can use your mouse to click and drag the table left and right. Click Check all prices to see the best prices available to purchase the 360 cameras.

  • Specification
  • Video Resolution
  • Video Bitrate
  • Photo Resolution
  • Stabilisation
  • Battery
  • Battery Life
  • Storage
  • Internal Microphone
  • Microphone Input
  • Weight
  • ISO
  • Aperture
  • Shutter Speed
  • Waterproof
  • Mount Type
  • Live Stream
  • Mobile Apps
  • Software
  • Social Media
  • WiFi
  • Bluetooth
  • GPS
  • Replaceable Lens
  • Release Date

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