shanil kawol


Welcome! I’m Shanil, creator of How To Make A Video. The thing I love to do the most is make short, punchy, shareable videos for social media. Making videos is really really fun! But making videos seems really really complicated. My mission is to help people bridge the gap between technology and creativity. Personally, I think anyone can make a video. Including YOU! So let me show you how!


So you want to make amazing videos but don’t know where or how to get started. I was exactly the same when I started making videos 10 years ago. I made plenty of mistakes. I spent a lot of money buying new equipment I didn’t need. I spent a lot of time perfecting my videos instead of releasing them. I missed key moments trying to dial in the right settings for the perfect shot. These are just some of the hundreds of mistakes I made and learnt from over a decade.

Nowadays it’s much easier to make a video. Your phone is perfectly capable of shooting spectacular videos. It’s quicker and easier to share videos through social media. Cameras have become much more automated and easier to operate than ever before. So how do you turn all these great ideas in your mind into an actual video you can share with the world? Don’t worry, all your video making problems will be solved on this website.

Lucky for you, I make beginner friendly video tips and tutorials on how to plan, film, edit and share your videos on social media. This is the ultimate video making blog to transform yourself from a video amateur to a video pro in no time!